Useful links

African film festivals in the UK

Africa in Motion, various – Scotland; annual (autumn)

Afrika Eye, Bristol, England; annual (autumn)

Cambridge African Film Festival, Cambridge, England; annual (autumn)

Film Africa, London, England; annual (autumn)

Watch-Africa, various – Wales; annual (autumn)


Arab and Middle Eastern film festivals in the UK

BBC Arabic Festival, London, England; annual (autumn)

Safar, London, England; bi-annual (autumn); next in 2018


Arab and Middle Eastern festivals in the UK

Nour festival of arts, London, England; annual (autumn)

Liverpool Arab Arts Festival, Liverpool, England; annual (summer)

Shubbak Festival, London, England; bi-annual (summer); next in 2017


UK organisations which promote African arts and culture

The Africa Centre, London, England

Royal African Society, London, England


UK organisations which promote Northern African and Middle Eastern arts and culture

The Arab-British Centre, London, England

The Arts Canteen, various – England

The Mosaic Rooms, London, England

Language centres in London, England

Sharek Centre; Arabic language and culture

SOAS Language Centre; African languages and Arabic